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Web Gateway for Global Ensemble Reforecast Data, Version 2

This web page allows users to download selected days of the full model output from the NOAA Global Ensemble Forecast System Reforecast, Version 2 (GEFS/R2). The format of data downloaded from this page is "grib2" format. It is incumbent on the user to be familiar with the use of this data format as we can provide only minimal user support. For more information on grib2 data, please see GRIB2 use at NCEP.
GEFS/R2 mimics the operational ensemble system that the National Weather Service put into operations in February 2012. The control forecast initial conditions were mostly generated from the Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR), although the operational NCEP analyses were used in 2011 and 2012. 10 perturbed initial conditions were generated using the ensemble transform with rescaling (ETR; Wei et al. 2008). Model uncertainty was simulated following Hou et al 2008. Forecasts out to 16 days were generated from 00 UTC initial conditions every day from December 1984 through present.
We anticipate that these full model fields provided here will be useful, for example, in providing initial and/or lateral boundary conditions for regional reforecasts with various limited-area models. To access a subset of model output, for example a small number particular fields such as precipitation, surface temperatures, etc., please use the interface at NOAA ESRL/PSD. For a more complete description of this reforecast data set, please read this README file.
Please submit only one request at a time. If you encounter problems downloading data, please contact
GEFS/R2 was generated under a DOE supercomputer grant at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.
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