C20C+ Detection and Attribution Project    
2nd Hackathon, 5-9 December 2016,    
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory    

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    • Description •
The C20C+ Detection and Attribution Project will hold its second "hackathon" during the week of 5-9 December 2016 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) (Berkeley, California, USA), which is the week before the AGU Fall Meeting across the bay. It is intended to facilitate collaborative work on analyses of the C20C+ D&A project output. In addition to the growing (>2PBs) volume of C20C+ D&A data, there should also be some data available for analysis from the HAPPI Project, which is a sister project overlapping with C20C+ D&A (but focusing on future, warmer worlds) and using the same data portal facility at NERSC (LBNL).

The hackathon provides an opportunity:
  • To analyse large quantities of C20C+ D&A data on the machines which host the data portal in the same building as the data portal;
  • To discuss the experimental design and implementation with researchers who conducted the simulations;
  • To coordinate analyses and develop plans with other researchers.

    • Programme •
Following the format of the first C20C+ D&A hackathon in December 2015, this one will likely start with a talk-heavy Monday describing the project, simulations, and computer resources. The rest of the week will mostly be dedicated to free analysis time, with the possibility of spontaneous presentations on "live" analyses, light seminar entertainment, and a tour of the NERSC supercomputing facility.

A more detailed agenda will be available closer to the week.

    • Venue •

Meeting room

The meeting will be held in the new Shyh Wang Hall at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), which houses the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). We will a meeting room with AV equipment as well as monitors and peripherals available, and a foyet outside the meeting room.

All non-LBNL participants will need a guest pass for the duration of the meeting. We will obtain this for you, or the Lab Guesthouse will provide it if you are staying there. There are no other security issues for guests at LBNL (e.g. no escorting required).


If you are staying at the Lab Guesthouse, then the meeting venue is just a few minutes walk. Otherwise, the lab runs a shuttle ("Blue Route") from the Downtown Berkeley station of the BART light rail system. BART connects to both San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) International Airports.

If you are driving you will need a parking pass. Be warned that parking spots are hard to find at LBNL.


There are three standard suggestions.
  • The lab has an on-site guesthouse that is just a few minutes walk from the meeting venue and has a lovely view over the Bay. However, for meals you will need to go down to downtown Berkeley; this can be done by shuttle before 20:00, but after that you need to walk (~30 minutes, uphill on the return) or pay for a taxi.
  • The Shattuck Hotel in downtown Berkeley is conveniently close to restaurants and the stop of the "Blue Shuttle" up to LBNL.
  • The Durant Hotel also has nearby restaurants but, being south of the UC Berkeley campus, is about a 20 minute walk from the BART station and about the same distance walk from the meeting venue; there is no shuttle access from there.

    • Organisation •
The hackathon is being hosted by the CASCADE Science Focus Area at LBNL,
with the assistance of NERSC.

Organising committee

Dáithí Stone, Hari Krishnan, Rachel Lance, Michael Wehner

Please contact Dáithí Stone (dstone@lbl.gov) with any queries and to express interest in participating in the hackathon.

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