fvCAM5.1 simulations for

the US CliVAR Hurricane Working Group

This web page provides information on the design, and output of simulations performed for the US CliVAR Hurricane Working Group. Data is freely available. We only ask that you tell us what you find interesting.

• Summary •

The US CliVar Hurricane Working Group proposed 4 experiments to study the different effects of warming at the ocean surface vs warming aloft on tropical cyclone statistics.

The four experiments are:

       1990 Climatological SST , 330ppm CO2

       1990 Climatological SST plus 2o, 330ppm CO2

       1990 Climatological SST , 660ppm CO2

       1990 Climatological SST plus 2o, 660ppm CO2


Simulations available here were made at NERSC using the finite volume version of the Community Atmospheric model by the DOE CASCADE SFA project. Simulations were made at resolutions of approximately 0.25o, 1o and 2o. Click here or above on the data link above for data access. All data is on HPSS tape, downloads may take a while as the tape is mounted.

Details of these simulations are described in

Michael Wehner, Prabhat, Kevin Reed, Daithi Stone, William D. Collins, Julio Bacmeister (2015) Resolution dependence of future tropical cyclone projections of CAM5.1 in the US CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group idealized configurations. J. Climate. 28, 3905-3925 DOI:10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00311.1,


AMIP style (see C20C+ All-Hist runs) are also available

Details of the US CliVar Hurricane Working Group experiment can be found at

And are described in

Held, I. M., and M. Zhao, 2011: The response of tropical cyclone

statistics to an increase in CO2 with fixed sea surface temperatures.

J. Climate, 24, 5353–5364, doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-11-00050.1.


  • 2016/07/07: monthly and daily data made publicly available

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