Community Access to MODIS Satellite Reprojection and Reduction Pipeline and Data Sets

Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), the key instrument aboard NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites, continuously generates data as the satellites cover the entire surface of earth every one to two days. This data is important to many scientific analyses, however, data procurement and processing can be challenging and cumbersome for user communities. Our current work is focused on enabling calculations using a combination of land and atmosphere products over land. Before performing the calculation the data must be downloaded and transformed, from a swath space and time system to a sinusoidal tiling system. Downloading data for a single product for an entire year can take several days and involves downloading via FTP many small files (on average ~83,000 files) in hierarchical data format (HDF4). The data processing, a swath-to-sinusoidal reprojection, is computationally intensive. Currently available community tools only work for single sinusoidal tiles. We have developed a data-processing pipeline that downloads the MODIS products and reprojects them on HPC systems. HPC systems do not traditionally run these high-throughput data-intensive jobs and hence we need to address unique challenges for our pipeline. The resulting reprojected data is being widely made available to the community through this front-end web portal. The portal will allow users to download reprojected data (~1TB/year) for the following land and atmosphere products: MODO4_L2 (Aerosol), MOD05_L2 (Water Vapor), MOD06_L2 (Cloud), MOD07_L2 (Atmosphere Profile) and MOD11_L2 (Land Surface Temperature Emissivity).

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