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command: ../../testbigFFT.ipm 48 48 48 3 3
codename: unknown
state: unknown
username: mcordery
host: nid05371 (x86_64_Linux)
mpi_tasks: 9 on 1 hosts
start: 03/12/14/09:08:17
wallclock: 7.08240e-02 sec
stop: 03/12/14/09:08:17
%comm: 0.658421188046738
total memory: 0.07281873 gbytes
total gflop/sec: 0
switch(send): 0 gbytes
switch(recv): 0 gbytes


Event Count Pop


% of MPI Time
HPM Counter Statistics
Event Ntasks Avg Min(rank) Max(rank)
Communication Event Statistics (100.00% detail, -8.6700e-09 error)
  Buffer Size Ncalls Total Time Min Time Max Time %MPI %Wall
MPI_Alltoallv 32768 36 0.003 2.384e-05 1.278e-04 66.32 0.44
MPI_Barrier 0 45 0.001 1.097e-05 7.987e-05 33.66 0.22
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Load balance by task: memory, flops, timings
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