ARM data-oriented Diagnostics package (ARM-DIAGS-V3)

Metrics and Diagnostics

Model: MDTFv3 time slice run from NCAR

Notes: 1. "MMM" represents CMIP6 multi-model means,"MOD" represents test model (NCAR-CESM in this case), "OBS" represent ARM observations

2. CMIP6 individual model performance is shown in gray

3. Not all metrics are not available due to the model data availabilty.

Basic Diagnostics Sets

1 Tables of DJF, MAM, JJA, SON and Annual Mean.

2 Line plots and Taylor diagrams of Annual Cycle.

3 Line plots and Taylor diagrams of ACI Annual Cycle.

4 Contour and Vertical profiles of Annual Cycle.

5 Line and Harmonic Dail plots of Diurnal Cycle.

6 Contour plots of Diurnal Cycle.

7 Line plots of Probability Density Function.

Process-oriented Diagnostics Sets

1 Basic diagnostics plots for Convection Onset.

2 Basic diagnostics plots for Aerosol Activation.

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