netCDF 4 Compatibility Issues

The files on this site are in netCDF 4 format, created with netCDF 4.1.1. If you have difficulty opening files downloaded from this site, you may need to update your reading software. Some software that can open netCDF 4 files fails to open files made with netCDF 4.1.1.

There is a backwards compatibility issue with netCDF4/HDF5. To read files created with netCDF 4.1.1, you will need software that was built against NetCDF 4.1.1 and HDF5 1.8.4-patch1 (or newer).

You can find further details about this issue in the discussion at the NCAR command language (NCL) user's group.

Known good versions include

IDL: version 7.1.1
NCL: version 5.2.0
Opengrads: version 2.0.a8.oga.1

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