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ACRED: ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data Set

The ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data Set (ACRED) is a multi-year ensemble cloud microphysical property data set, created by assembling nine existing ground-based cloud retrievals of ARM measurements (i.e., MICROBASE, MACE, CLOUDNET, DENG, SHUPE_TURNER, WANG, COMBRET, RADON, and VARCLOUD). These nine cloud retrieval products are mainly based on the measurements from the millimeter-wavelength cloud radar (MMCR), micropulse lidar (MPL), microwave radiometer (MWR), radiosonde soundings, and the atmospheric emitted radiance interferometer (AERI). The figure below shows the current data availability for the nine cloud retrieval products using ARM measurements. The ACRED data set provides a rough estimate of the uncertainties in current ARM retrieved cloud microphysical properties for climate model evaluation and development, and serves as a useful tool to understand uncertainties or bias that are closely associated with the retrieval techniques. Currently, the ACRED is available at five ARM permanent research sites: SGP.C1 (Lamont, OK), NSA.C1 (Barrow, AK), TWP.C1 (Manus Island, PNG), TWP.C2 (Nauru), and TWP.C3 (Darwin, AU). For each site, ACRED contains three to six retrieval products. The current version of ACRED includes hourly averaged cloud properties and has 512 vertical layers with a resolution of 45 m. The ACRED data are available for download at the ARM Data Archive. [Read More on ARM ...]

For more details, please refer to One-page description and Techinical Report for the ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data Set.

Zhao, C., S. Xie., S. A. Klein, A. Protat, M. D. Shupe, et al. 2012: Toward understanding of differences in current cloud retrievals of ARM ground-based measurements. JGR-Atmospheres, 117, D10206, doi:10.1029/2011JD016792.

If you have any questions regarding this data product, please contact Shaocheng Xie (xie2@llnl.gov).