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Description of the LLNL ARM project

Objective of the LLNL ARM Infrastructure Project

The objective of this ARM Infrastructure Project is to support the data analysis needs of cloud/climate modelers with the DOE climate programs, particularly the Atmospheric System Research (ASR) program. The major tasks include:

    1) the creation of large-scale forcing data (VARANAL) that permits the running of cloud resolving and single-column models and large-eddy simulations for ARM sites. The forcing data is needed so that model predictions can be directly compared to ARM observations. It is one of the critical data required for the ongoing routine ARM LES operation (LASSO).[Read More on ARM ...]

    2) the development of the ARM Best Estimate (ARMBE) data to encourage greater use of ARM data by the climate community.[Read More on ARM ...]

    3) the development and implementation of ARM cloud radar simulator to improve comparison of model clouds with detailed ARM cloud observations. [Read More on ARM ...]

    4) the development of ARM data-oriented metrics and diagnostics to facilitate use of ARM data in climate model routine evaluation.[Read More on ARM ...]

    5) the creation of ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data Set (ACRED) to provide a rough estimate of the uncertainties in current ARM-retrieved cloud microphysical properties for climate model evaluation and development.[Read More on ARM ...]